Electronics Prototyping Made Simple
And Programming Simpler

About D&DSmartKit

What are we trying to Solve ?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make interactive prototypes with electronics, either for class or thesis project or just learn as a hobby?

Have you been overwhelmed by the clustered kits and complicated lessons ?  or just don’t know where to start?

We Have Got You Covered All At One Place

We have designed a user friendly prototyping kit and learning resource and put them together all at one place 

Why learn from us ?

By buying our kit and taking our course, you will learn how to prototype, light, sound, and motion without having to code 




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How Does IT Work

Buy  our Kit  which is designed for you,  purchase our recommended kit  or if you already have the kit, get started with that 

Take our video courses, which will teach you how to prototype Light, sound and motion without have to code

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Being A Product Designer, Innovator, And A Maker, It Is Important For Me To Test My Concepts With my users, Sometimes I need To Use Electronics To Bring My Ideas To Life, However, I Am Overwhelmed With The Kits And The Courses Out There In The Market.


After Finding Out About D&D Smartkit, I Was Able To Learn Easily And Bring My Ideas To  Life Faster  

About us

D&D Smartkit is a product of D&D SmartLabs, the kit and the learning resource is designed   by the interdisciplinary team of designers engineers, and business professionals  based on the users need 

Our mission

The mission of D&D Smartkit is to provide you with user-friendly prototyping kit and the learning resources to bring your ideas to life  

Our offer

  • Learning Kit
  • Online learning Resources
  • Community



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